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Villa "La Licorne"


The internationally renowned painter Marseillais Christian JEQUEL does us the honor of exhibiting some of his many paintings in our

Maison d'Hôtes de Provence

You will thus be able to acquire a work that will remind you of your stay at Villa la Licorne Chambres d'Hôtes and Gite de France.



Provençal Painter, Painter of Provence


Christian JEQUEL is an internationally renowned painter,

In 1960, he developed a personal technique for painting with a knife.

By the beauty and the diversity of its landscapes, its villages and the warmth of its inhabitants, Provence has always been a favorite place for Artists.

JEQUEL technique


Knife painting, according to a totally personal technique he created, consists in expressing with a knife, the shape, the content and all that it is linked to, that is to say the shadow, the light, nuances etc ...

The JEQUEL Movement


Unlike the instantaneous image or attitude seems frozen for eternity, painting movement is painting a slice of life, that is to say trying to express what has just been done and what will be done.



The brightness of a painting comes essentially from the ratio of colors between them. These colors, almost nonexistent in reality, perfectly express authenticity for the spectator.

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Villa la Licorne

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