Jacuzzi massage wellness stays - Cottage Villa La Licorne
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Spa and Well-Being

During a stay in Provence, enjoy moments of pure well-being and let yourself be carried away by the legendary

Provençal sweetness of life ... 

A space dedicated to well-being and relaxation for a moment of intense relaxation ...

Take advantage of the moment to forget your stress and recharge the batteries ... 

Various massages are offered to the guests of the Villa la Licorne, speakers have been scrupulously selected in order to give you a pleasant and quality time.



The Jacuzzi is a real moment of relaxation in its own right but also a moment of relaxation, whether from a physical or psychological point of view.

Access to the jacuzzi is only accessible by private access

You will never be with other people during your relaxation session.

The jacuzzi is exclusively reserved for adults or teenagers at least 14 years old.

Book a time slot !

PRICE: 60 € (morning, afternoon or evening)

(from 2 to 6 people)  

On reservation 24 hours in advance


Hike during the day and relax at night!

Our practitioner Anne-Christelle will bring you a break of well-being 

and a sweet moment of zenitude! 

PRICE  MASSAGE : 1H - 50 €


The benefits

Well-being and vitality, relieves certain tensions linked to stress, helps eliminate toxins, promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, softens and softens the skin, joints ... 



Effective for loosening the back and neck, Swedish massage is nonetheless a full body massage, from the feet to the scalp. Gentle stroking, kneading and stretching.



Originally from the Maghreb countries, it aims to resolve tensions, detoxify the body and relax.

it is a gentle and enveloping massage.



It is an oil massage, originally from South India, recommended in the maintenance of well-being.

This enveloping massage with gentle strokes and ample movements is used to relax and re-circulate energy. Full body massage.



Long strokes but also kneading. The Balinese massage is a full body massage, from the feet to the scalp and right down to the fingertips.

Relaxing and rejuvenating massage at the same time.



It combines enveloping and cocooning gestures that link the different areas of the body in a rather slow rhythm.

It brings deep relaxation, letting go.



Massage from the Hawaiian Islands.

The great originality of this massage lies in the fact that it is practiced with the forearms rather than with the hands. 

Deep strokes with the forearms (simultaneous and alternating) but also some joint mobilizations and very gentle stretching.


Hot stones

The massage combines the laying of stones hot on strategic energy zones as well as the effleurages carried out with the stones on the whole body.

The hot stones slowly travel through the body along the muscles to erase tensions, in large strokes of incredible softness even if the massage is deep!


Japanese Kobido by Anne

Originally from Japan, Kobido means "traditional way of beauty". Ancestral Japanese massage for the face reserved primarily for Empresses and Geisha. It aims to preserve "the youth of the face" through 3 phases :

* Energetic (stimulation on the meridians)

* Deep anti-wrinkle on the muscles

*Lymphatic drainage 60 min including 30 min massage


Manicure Hands-Feet Hair Removal


Do you want to have soft, well-hydrated hands, well-varnished and well-groomed nails? Beauty is also conveyed by the hands and feet.


Lukewarm waxing is an effective and quick method that guarantees particularly soft and flawless skin.


Amma seated massage

It combines several body techniques that are related to reflexology, shiatsu, Swedish massage and chiropractic The Amma seated massage is performed on a chair and excludes the treatment of the legs.   

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology relieves the body through the foot.