Wellness stay in Provence

Jacuzzi, Massages, Energetic harmonization, Essential oils

Spa and Well-Being during your stay in Belcodène

During a stay in Provence, enjoy moments of pure well-being and let yourself be carried away by the legendary Provençal sweetness of life ... 

A space dedicated to well-being and relaxation for a moment of intense relaxation ... 

Take advantage of the moment to forget your stress and recharge the batteries ... 

The private access Spa offers you privacy and allows you to recharge your batteries after a tourist visit


Various massages are offered to the guests of the Villa la Licorne, speakers have been scrupulously selected in order to give you a pleasant and quality time.

jacuzzi villa la licorne in provence

Our Jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi is a real moment of relaxation in its own right but also a moment of relaxation whether from a physical or psychological point of view.

Access to the jacuzzi is accessible in private access only
You will never be with other people during your relaxation session.

Book a slot!

PRICE: 70€ (rental for the whole morning, afternoon or evening)

(from 2 to 6 people)
On reservation 24 hours in advance

Wellness activities

Wellness activities
We have decided to take care of you.
We have selected activities to soothe you, pamper you and offer you a well-deserved moment of well-being.
Body care, facials, spa, manicure, but also energy rebalancing, without forgetting our irresistible selection of massages.
Close your eyes and let your desire for serenity speak

Massages have a wellness and relaxation purpose and are in no way related to a medical practice.

Spa, Massages, Energetic harmonization, Essential oils

Relaxation and well-being stay at Villa la Licorne, charming guest house in Provence


Relaxing wellness massages
They release painful tensions. Different gestures, effleurage, kneading, friction...
Sophrology in Belcodene - Villa la Licorne Charming guest house in Provence


Need support to help you regain your balance and your energy.
Soaps and scents of Provence


Natural and delicious scents, Provence is an inexhaustible source of plants and perfumes! Marseille soaps, lavender.....